The MOENV(Ministry Of Environment) launched the "i-Environment" (https://env.moenv.gov.tw/LBS) in 2015. Based on the government's open data, it was designed for the first time with the concept of a Hybrid Web - a hybrid web page. Using an interactive dashboard combined with a map display interface, it is designed with a user center in mind and provides the environmental quality and life information that people care about according to their location.

In line with the Chinese government's data opening policy, the MOENV(Ministry Of Environment) continues to open up and promote private applications, and simultaneously develops open data application services about the practices of the US EPA and the European Union. "i-Environment" uses more than ten types of inter-ministerial environmental themes to open data, and uses LBS (Local Based System) as the technical framework, and has a location positioning function. Just query the destination location, and you can grasp it. Information from the other side; through map interaction, the surrounding environment information is also at a glance. The personal environmental information map provides the latest information on environmental protection activities from the Environmental Protection Department and local environmental protection bureaus for reference by the public.


The goal of "i-Environment" is to be used by all ages from 8 to 80 years old, hoping to achieve integrated, fast, and convenient public service demands. To improve environmental awareness and alertness, warning notices are provided to provide environmental forecasts and warning information, so that people can take precautions in their daily life and achieve the effect of reminders. You can log in to the frequently used locations of the sync APP through your community account, and record your usage habits. You can also use services such as community sharing and image download when you are not logged in.


The MOENV(Ministry Of Environment) continues to uphold the concepts of openness, transparency, and innovative applications. Providing the public with a variety of convenient information services, can effectively assist their environmental decision-making, enhance environmental awareness, and promote environmental protection and sustainable use of resources.